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Wekiva Outfitters

Kayak, Paddle Board, and Canoe Trips & Rentals in Orlando, Florida

About Wekiva Outfitters

We started way back in 1994 as a group of outdoor enthusiasts who spent more time paddling, snorkeling, and exploring swamps than at any job. We incorporated under the name “Into the Outdoors” until a large clothing manufacturer threatened us saying they had the rights to the name. We have operated under several other names running local tours, overseas expeditions, and even operating as a sales rep for a local kayak manufacturer. In 2018, Seminole County requested businesses to propose bids for an “outfitters” on the Wekiva River located out of Wilson’s Landing. So here we are now!

We love the paddling community so come pay us a visit, hang out under the shade of one of the many live oaks, paddle the river, or just swap stories with us. We only ask that people respect the river, respect each other, and respect all living things. We look forward to meeting you all and showing off the river we all love so much.


A TripAdvisor Top 5 Outdoor Activity in Orlando

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Beautiful Nature Trip

An awesome trip through beautiful scenery on the Wekiva River. We saw a lot of animals like birds, alligators, turtles, and even a manatee, thanks to our guide Jeff. There was a good mix of providing information and letting us enjoy the silence. I highly recommend this trip to anyone that likes to enjoy nature. We loved it!

– Saskia D., TripAdvisor
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Highly Recommended

I can't recommend this tour highly enough. It was fun, exciting, informative, relaxing, and the most wonderful day. Our guide was so knowledgeable about the local environment including the alligators, birds, fish, trees, and the nature of the river. We saw and found out so much information on a really great trip and felt safe too.

– Josie J., TripAdvisor
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The Best

The guides were friendly and knowledgeable and made us feel welcome and comfortable right from the start. The river was extremely beautiful and peaceful, definitely felt like we were in the wild. Saw turtles, raccoons, alligators, fish, a snake, and many varieties of birds. Got some great video and photos that we will show off. Would highly recommend this trip to anyone with a sense of adventure.

– Chris A., TripAdvisor
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Great Tour

Our guide was very professional and we had a great time. The kayaks were in excellent condition; better than any we have gotten from other rental or touring companies. Our guide knew his way around the river, and we saw quite a few alligators and manatees. I'd recommend this to anyone who enjoys kayaking, or just wants a different way to see the river.

– Alan Y., TripAdvisor
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Our guide was fantastic and led us down the river pointing out various wildlife including several alligators. It was worth every cent, couldn't recommend it highly enough. Definitely worth doing to break up all the parks Florida has to offer and is a welcome break from all the hustle and bustle.

– Mike R., TripAdvisor
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